I’m Lieke — long time book nerd

Working my way up to become an authorpreneur.

Growing up, I always had a few books checked out from the library. I would hate Tuesday’s as our local library was closed for the whole day and I wouldn’t be able to get any new books. 

When I realised that I could start writing my own stories and creating my own worlds, it was all I could think about. It was definitely my way of escaping my own reality. I really took it to extreme heights as my education was suffering from lack of attention. All I wanted to do was write, write, write…

About a decade ago, I had to take a step back from writing and focus on my mental health and education. And ever since, I have been wanting to get back into it. I want to make the dream of becoming an author, my reality. 

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Behind Lieke Alexandra

Now, just writing novels is not enough for me. I have so many more aspirations and interests. I hope to combine them all into my authorpreneur-platform. 

I want to build a platform where 1) my readers can connect with me on a deeper level than just reading my novels. I want to open the doors to my kitchen and show them how I’ve completed these projects.

And most importantly 2) I want to help aspiring authors who are in the same boat as me. Learning along with me, while I fall flat on my face so you don’t have to. Or steal the successful recipe and cook up that fictional world that’s been inside your head for way too long!

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Things I’m currently into

Finally finish watching all the TV shows that have been on my watchlist for years

Building an online presencence, sharing my journey to (self-) publishing my first novel

Reading books and watching videos on all things entrepreneurship and building a successful business

Mozzarella balls wrapped in garlic butter covered pizza dough (go try it out!)

This is my journey

2009 – 2014

Started writing

I just started high school and I found a Dutch website (similar to Wattpad) and started publishing my own stories that same day. I couldn’t stop writing and started more stories than I finished.
In 2014, I had to take my education more seriously and writing just wasn’t an option anymore. 

2014 – 2024

Tried, and failed… many times.

In this decade, a lot happened. From turning 18, to now almost turning 28. I finished my education, I worked multiple jobs and finally have my mental health mostly in check. 

2024 – future

Starting my authorpreneurship

And now it’s time to get back to writing (while working a full-time job)! 

… to be continued