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Welcome to my little corner on the internet. The corner that I have tried to design and tidy many times the past 10-15 years. The realisation that I have called myself a writer for that long is INSANE! I’m getting old. Anyway, let’s continue with this introduction…

I have also created many blogs and published many videos on Youtube in my time on the internet. But every time, after a few months, something would happen and I would abandon this little corner. Were there some good reasons? Yes! Were there other times where there was no excuses and I did it anyway? Also, yes! Is this a good start to an introduction? Probably not.

You might wonder, what’s different now, Lieke? Well, I am ready to take it serious right away and start building a business.The dream is to become a self-published author and create a lovely community of readers (and writers), with whom I can share my quirky traits and obsessions with. So what better time to start living my dream, than now. 

I will be documenting my journey to becoming a self-published author on various platforms. As I am a lover of words, it only seems right to keep a blog to write about my experiences. But I will also be posting to Youtube and TikTok. I might even jump into the world of livestreaming and combine my love for writing with my love for gaming. Sprinkling in a few gaming livestreams, with the regular writing (/productivity) sprints. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

If you want to follow me along on this rollercoaster of a journey, you can find me at the links below:

If you want to find out more about me, check out this page!

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